teacher students with laptopAdministrators and superintendents play a key role in the management, strategic direction and operation of programs within their schools. The Education Exchange and its partners are committed to providing these leaders with innovative resources and tools that help them oversee education standards and student achievement, budget and allocate resources efficiently and maintain positive government relations.

The following are just a few of the resources provided by the Education Exchange and its strategic resource partners:

These strategic resource partners include:


interact solutions logointeract Solution is a comprehensive cutting-edge online video turn-key solution that captures interactions, performance, security and surveillance through supportive video evidence of observable behaviors and actions. interact does this while supporting embedded annotations directly into the video using time-slicing. Using a collaboration of smart technology equipment and software, Interact provides the gateway to enhanced security measures, witnessing of simulations and observable behaviors and actions in a multitude of environments, either during real-time video monitoring or via recorded video, audio and alert configurations.

For more information about the interact, visit www.interactsolution.com.

Living Tree LogoLivingTree is a private community engagement platform built securely and specifically for your district. Delivered as a mobile responsive web and native mobile application set, your community will use social media features to engage by sharing information, photos, files and calendars, managing volunteers, creating instant notifications, privately messaging and more. Providing instant translation to over 40 languages and allowing for two-way conversation, LivingTree includes all members of your community. With its extensive feature set, LivingTree allows for displacement of notification systems, websites, blogs, paper, email listservs, online directories, volunteer platforms, single purpose applications and more. LivingTree also provides weekly analytic reports detailing points of engagement and volunteering activity. LivingTree is a single, private place for your entire district community to engage.

For more information on LivingTree, visit www.livingtree.com.

Real Ledge LogoReal LEDGE is a non-profit organization focused on facilitating a community education process of entrepreneurship awareness and experiential education training of teachers and other community leaders.

Vision: Our vision is educationally and economically thriving communities empowered through entrepreneurship locally, nationally, and internationally.

Mission: Real LEDGE exists to advance and promote social and business entrepreneurship in communities through experiential education and economic development.

For more information on Real LEDGE, visit www.realledge.org.

polycom logoPolycom is a multinational corporation that develops video, voice and content collaboration and communication technology. Through their Grant Assistance Program, Polycom provides assistance for organizations seeking grant based funding for voice, video, and data communications solutions. With their extensive experience in realm, Polycom has a complete portfolio and understanding of grants, how they apply to your specific needs and can offer guidance on how to optimize chances for success. In such a complex and ever changing environment, Polycom’s guidance is extremely valuable. From proposal preparation to funding selection to the submission of grant applications, Polycom can help.

For more information about Polycom’s Grant Assistance Program, visit www.polycom.com/education.