north georgia networkThe Education Exchange is the result of a partnership with NGN, a regional fiber optic system with over 1,000 miles of fiber optic infrastructure. NGN provides state-of-the-art, low-latency digital optical network solutions to technology‐reliant businesses and organizations with access to speeds as fast as those in the largest, busiest cities in the world. The network’s fully redundant 260-mile core fiber ring delivers a level of reliability unprecedented in this part of rural Georgia.

Unlike most telecommunications corporations, NGN is made up of cooperatives, each owned by its members. These cooperatives include Habersham Electric Membership Corporation (HEMC), Blue Ridge Mountain Electric Membership Corporation (BRMEMC) and NGN Connect. By making high-speed broadband services available to some of the most disconnected and rural areas of Georgia, NGN and its members are drastically impacting the way our children learn in today’s schools.

NGN is committed to enhancing the future for our children. As part of this commitment, we have placed a priority on enabling K-12 educators to exchange ideas, content, and resources with the creation of a safe, private education network- the Education Exchange.”

-Paul Belk, President & CEO of NGN

With the additional educational and technological resources provided, we believe that opportunity for economic growth will increase noticeably through jobs and infrastructure.

The real key to economic development is education. NGN believes that we first have to provide our kids with the tools that allow them to develop skills and see new choices for themselves as future citizens of our community.”

-Paul Belk, President & CEO of NGN