The initial launch of the Education Exchange in the North Georgia region would not have been possible without the support of our network partners in the area. These partners worked closely with us to establish the network and bring incredible collaboration opportunities to our schools.


ETCOriginally established in 1903 as The Ellijay Telephone Exchange, ETC humbly began as a telephone company offering limited service to a few customers. In 2013, the company celebrated 110 years in business, making it the oldest privately held telephone company in the state. ETC now serves customers in North Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee. The company offers a variety of business and residential solutions to meet the growing demands of a society that is becoming more technologically advanced. It is just one of a handful of family-owned, small market communications companies still standing in Georgia.

ETC is headquartered in Ellijay, Georgia.

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ParkerParker FiberNet, an entrepreneur-drive network in Northwest Georgia, was formed to build fiber optic network infrastructure for commercial and public applications. The infrastructure company has installed hundreds of miles of fiber optic cable throughout Georgia and has garnered considerable accolades for its professionalism. Parker FiberNet received CLEC and OCC status in 1998, and has interconnect agreements with BellSouth and Alltel, as well as other providers in Georgia. The company also has pole attachment/joint use agreements with BellSouth and the Southern Company (the regional power company Georgia Power), and many municipal and EMC organizations.

Parker FiberNet’s continued success can be attributed to providing implementation from start to finish, including design, construction and operation. Parker FiberNet provides their own design, engineering, aerial construction (complete with bucket trucks and aerial equipment), underground construction (complete with directional drilling, plowing and trenching), as-built design, fiber splicing – testing (splicing vans and support equipment), monitoring and system turn-up.

Parker Systems, LLC and Parker FiberNet, LLC have headquarters in Summerville, Georgia.

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