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As an introduction to what’s possible with the Education Exchange, Wilbanks Middle School Principal Marybeth Thomas invited a group of teachers to participate in a event on Wednesday, August 19. Themed “Around the Block or Around the World,” teachers interacted with “Around the World” participants, including:

“Around the Block” attendees included North Georgia resident Ann Platz, a world renowned author and speaker. Platz spoke about her “Protocol Academy,” a course for students of all ages focused on teaching soft skills. Marci Powell also attended the event representing Education Exchange’s strategic partner LivingTree, a state-of-the-art parent and community engagement, connection and information system.

Wilbanks Middle School is the perfect school for two reasons: 1) Habersham County Schools is an Education Exchange connected school system; which means that we don’t have to worry about bandwidth speed or quality of service and 2) Ms. Thomas’ vision is to provide Wilbanks’ students and teachers the best education resources possible; whether those resources are around the block or around the world. – Michael Foor, President and CEO of NGN Connect

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